This is the place that i can get mad all i want it to be .

Dear Pretty pretty wow and Machos ,

Im Mad . close meaning , Crazy yet intelligent . HA-HA
Refer to the title ,
reader should know that the content are totally messed up with my philosophy .
u shouldn't adapt my MAD & BAD writing into your daily life i guess .
This is MY blog . and i assume that nobody will offense with any of my dear entry . If i did , im sorry in advance .

If you don't like it , please leave . tak-wajib-baca .
If you like it , i think you have been infected with mad-viruses that bring by me .

For those who was intend to visit my blog , please do that with no regret .

T Q V M :D

broken heart*

broken heart.
everybody must have been through it. i guess.

dear friend , be strong !

forget her
find a new one
im sure there is a lot guys/gurls waiting for you out there
which is much much more better than before
don't cry,
wipe your tears darling
no worth crying for somebody like that
you have a lot of friends that can cheer you up
that can bring you happiness
than can stay with you day and night
that can give you sweet memory

dear friend,
love is a play
very dangerous play
once you're into it
you will end up with only two choice ;


go for it if you HAPPY .
leave it if you SUFFER .

" Lover that you can stay with is the one that understand your past, believe in your future and love you just the way you are "

this is not a poem, this is not a copied text from internet site or whatever . this is my genuine words dedicated to my friends that having broken heart right now .