This is the place that i can get mad all i want it to be .

Dear Pretty pretty wow and Machos ,

Im Mad . close meaning , Crazy yet intelligent . HA-HA
Refer to the title ,
reader should know that the content are totally messed up with my philosophy .
u shouldn't adapt my MAD & BAD writing into your daily life i guess .
This is MY blog . and i assume that nobody will offense with any of my dear entry . If i did , im sorry in advance .

If you don't like it , please leave . tak-wajib-baca .
If you like it , i think you have been infected with mad-viruses that bring by me .

For those who was intend to visit my blog , please do that with no regret .

T Q V M :D

saya cinta dia *jiwang suda

when i see you , i see love .
when you touch me , i feel love .
and after all we've been through , you're still the one that i love .

im touched when you say that you really love me too sayang .

i love you kz , ALWAYS .